FeBID 2009
Fourth International Workshop on Feedback Control Implementation and Design in Computing Systems and Networks
April 16, 2009, San Francisco, California, USA

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Plenary Talk (8:30 - 9:30): Niklas Karlsson, Platform A | Advertising.com Networks

Title: Optimization and Control in Web Advertisement
Abstract: Global internet ad spending reached approximately $65 billion in 2008.  It is already a significant industry and a reflection of the fact that the world is entering the media economy. Despite the current state of the economy, internet ad spending will continue to increase and is expected to be well above $100 billion in 2011. One way of turning this growing industry into a viable business is by providing match making between advertisers and publishers in an ad network; i.e., by figuring out where, when, and how to show ads to the satisfaction of publishers and advertisers while maximizing the profit of the network. An ad network is a good example of a very large-scale cyber-physical system and the presentation will describe fascinating properties of this system.  The presentation will also show how the creation of this cyber-physical System has led to many interesting and challenging feedback control problems.

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