FeBID 2009
Fourth International Workshop on Feedback Control Implementation and Design in Computing Systems and Networks
April 16, 2009, San Francisco, California, USA

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Workshop Co-chairs:

Karl-Erik Ĺrzén, Lund University
Xenofon D. Koutsoukos, Vanderbilt University
Jie Liu, Microsoft Research

Steering Committee:

Tarek Abdelzaher, University of Illinois
Yixin Diao, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Joseph L. Hellerstein, Microsoft
Chenyang Lu, Washington University in St. Louis
Anders Robertsson, Lund University
Xiaoyun Zhu, Hewlett Packard Laboratories

Program Committee:

Sherif Abdelwahed (MS State Univ., USA)
Tarek Abdelzaher (UIUC, USA)
Luis Almeida (Univ. of Aveiro, Portugal)
Giorgio Buttazzo (Scuola Superiore St’Anna Pisa, Italy)
Christos Cassandras (Boston Univ., USA)
Jorgen Hansson (CMU, USA)
Joseph L. Hellerstein (Google, USA)
Mikael Johansson (KTH, Sweden)
Charles R Lefurgy (IBM Research, USA)
Xue Liu (McGill Univ., Canada)
Ying Lu (Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA)
Arif Merchant (HP Labs, USA)
Sandeep Neema (Vanderbilt Univ., USA)
Luigi Palopoli (Univ. of Trento, Italy)
George Pappas (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA)
Anders Robertsson (Lund Univ., Sweden)
Bruno Sinopoli (CMU, USA)
Xiaorui Wang (Univ. of Tennessee, USA)
Xiaoyun Zhu (VMware, USA)


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