As today’s IT systems, networks, and services become increasingly complex, the demand to manage and
control them has grown rapidly. Traditional practice for run-time resource management and control largely
relies on ad-hoc techniques. As a result, changes in workloads and configurations often result in poor
quality of service (QoS) or even instabilities. In recent year, there has been considerable success with
applying feedback control theory to analyzing and designing run-time IT control systems.

FeBID 2007 will be held on 25 May 2007 in Munich, Germany in conjunction with the
Symposium on Integrated Management
(IM 2007). Sponsored by IEEE and IBM Research, FeBID 2007
focuses on advances in the application of control theory to computing systems and networks. Areas
addressed include, but are not limited to, computer networks, middleware, Internet services, virtual
environment management, workload management, load balancing, and power management. The
workshop offers a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners in this area to exchange ideas and
experiences on system considerations for applying control theory, applicable control theoretic techniques,
and experiences in control system designs.

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Update: Workshop Venue (Room 2111)
  • For the most necessary information for traveling in Munich and to the workshop, please see http:
    // for a briefing pack created by IM 2007 local organizing
  • For more detailed information about Munich, conference venue, traveling, and the conference itself
    you can go to IM 2007 web site

Update: Workshop photo taken at lunch
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FeBID 2007
Second IEEE International Workshop on Feedback Control Implementation and Design in
Computing Systems and Networks
sponsored by
25 May 2007, Munich, Germany
(Co-located with IM 2007)