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First International Workshop on Feedback
Control Implementation and Design in
Computing Systems and Networks
(co-located with NOMS'06)
John Doyle is the John G Braun Professor of Control and Dynamical Systems, Electrical
Engineer, and BioEngineering at Caltech.  He has a BS and MS in EE, MIT (1977), and a PhD,
Math, UC Berkeley (1984). Early work was in the mathematics of robust control, LQG
robustness, (structured) singular value analysis, H-infinity and many recent extensions.  He
coauthored several books and software toolboxes currently used at over 1,000 sites
worldwide, the main control analysis tool for high performance commercial and military
aerospace systems, as well as many other industrial systems. Early example industrial
applications include X-29, F-16XL, F-15 SMTP, B-1, B-2, 757, Shuttle Orbiter, electric power
generation, distillation, catalytic reactors, backhoe slope-finishing, active suspension, and CD
players. Current research interests are in theoretical foundations for complex networks in
engineering and biology, as well as multiscale physics. His group led the development of the
open source Systems Biology Markup Language (
SBML) and the Systems Biology Workbench
(SBW), which have become the central software infrastructures for systems biology, and also
released the analysis toolbox
SOSTOOLS.  He was the theoretical lead on the team that
developed the
FAST protocol and shattered multiple world land speed records. Prize papers
include the IEEE Baker (for the top research paper in all of the IEEE’s ~90 journals, also ranked
in the top 10 “most important” papers world-wide in pure and applied mathematics from 1981-
1993), the IEEE Automatic Control Transactions Axelby (twice), and the AACC Schuck.  
Individual awards include the IEEE Control Systems Field Award (2004) and the Centennial
Outstanding Young Engineer (1984).  He has held national and world records and
championships in various sports.
Biography of Keynote Speaker
April 3, 2006
Vancouver, Canada