Feedback Computing 2012
The 7th International Workshop on Feedback Computing
In conjunction with ICAC 2012
San Jose, California,  September 17, 2012
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Following the success of the FeBID workshops over the past six years, we debut the Feedback
Computing workshop: a unique forum built around the concepts and technologies of applying,
analyzing, designing, and exploiting feedback in computing systems. The creation of this new
workshop represents the growing use of feedback in a broader agenda and is a timely
response to the following two trends:

  • Computing systems are growing larger, smarter, and more complex, and encompass
    new fields such as cyber-physical systems, social networks, and mobile applications.
    While much existing work focuses on individual components and systems, it is time to
    take a more systematic approach and address the dynamical complexity of interactions
    that arise system-wide with much large scale.

  • Many research disciplines such as machine learning, mathematical optimization,
    automatic control, cyber-physical systems, and autonomic computing rely on feedback
    to achieve goals such as autonomy, learning, adaptation, stabilization, robustness, or
    performance optimization. However, much of existing work focuses on isolated
    disciplines. It is time to take a more holistic approach and address the foundations and
    use of feedback, broadly defined, in computing.

Feedback Computing calls for a holistic and systematic technology to study both feedback-
based design patterns as well as theoretical foundations of feedback in computing. Aiming to
raise community awareness and to promote the fusion of multiple disciplines and practices, this
workshop might lay out the ground work for building a new generation of collaborative
computing systems that are adaptive, resilient, and agile, while remaining stable and robust.
Application topics include but are not limited to:  

-        Internet services
-        Virtualized environments
-        Cloud computing
-        IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS environments
-        Data center resource, power, and cooling management
-        Mobile applications
-        Sensor networks
-        Cyber-physical systems
-        Social networks
-        Software performance engineering
-        Data management systems
-        High performance computing environments

The workshop seeks original contributions on foundations or applications of feedback in
computing systems. We encourage both research paper submissions expressing new research
directions with the promise of producing a pipeline of papers, and application paper
submissions elaborating the challenges and experiences from real systems. In addition, the
workshop will leverage extended coffee breaks and lunch break to arrange special meetings
and to discuss collaborative research agenda built among the participants.

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